Why is Sinlung.com promoting anti-Mizo blog posts?

In compliance to the request made by Samaw.com, I have removed this post.

The purpose of this post was to let know certain bloggers about something I know was unfair unless it was explained.

This post was up for nearly a week and all the bloggers involved have seen the post, whether or not they take actions to the request made by me was entirely up to them.

Soon the comments below too will be deleted.


Rapha said...

Comments are welcome!

Anonymous said...

sinlung has more than 20 blogs n he does this all the time - takes the entire post written by somebody else n copypaste it at one of his blogs. subscribe to google alerts for "mizo" n "mizoram" n you will understand what I am saying about.

Paritosh Chakma said...

I have learnt with deepest sorrow that my blog is being dubbed as “anti-Mizo” blog. (Also see http://samaw.com/why-is-sinlung-com-promoting-anti-mizo-blog-posts/1377) Kindly get clarified from one of my clarifications elsewhere where I have stated - “I have never said or suggested that entire Mizos are racists. Mizo society is one of the finest and best we have in the world. I always exhort my fellow Chakmas to learn from the Mizo society – their hospitality, their goodness, cleanliness and progressiveness. In fact, what I want to say is Chakmas face most discrimination from the state, not Mizo public. This institutionalized discrimination (for whatever reasons) must change and Mizoram government must take minorities along to the path of development. True development is inclusive and equitable developement. Mizoram must aspire just towards that.”( http://samaw.com/do-chakmas-in-mizoram-face-discrimination/1329#more-1329)

In my blog http://paritosh-chakma.blogspot.com/ I write to highlight the problems (including discrimination) faced by the Chakmas from the government of Mizoram, not the general Mizo public. If you are concerned that government of Mizoram means “mizos” – well it’s like considering the government of India belongs to, and means, the “Hindustanis”. Surely, government of Mizoram is not synonymous with the Mizos (public). I stand by what I write. I have proofs too – I do not write baseless allegations. I welcome debate and discussions on all matters that come up in my blog.

I also feel that any posts elsewhere which originate from my blog should be linked to the original post of my blog for healthy understanding and discussion. Thanks.

Rapha said...

Hi Paritosh, thanks for your comment. As you can see my post I have not used the word "racism" or "racists" anywhere. I basically question the intention of sinlung.com (I know the blogger name, I would not like to name him due to privacy).

Yes, your blog posts may not sound like anti-Mizo, but the fallout can be dangerous when readers view the posts from webpages like those of sinlung affiliated blogs. I choose to use anti-Mizo for the sake of a healthy discussion, nothing more. I hope you understood.

I believe, you have every right to ask Sinlung.com admin to remove those blog posts. I just pointed out about that...

Paritosh Chakma said...

@Rapha: Thank you. To remove the misunderstanding clearly and totally, I have posted a clarification in my blog too. Find it here http://paritosh-chakma.blogspot.com/2009/06/clarification-my-blog-is-not-anti-mizo.html

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